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Why can my guest not find availability on when they should be able to?

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Guests may be told at the time of making a booking on that there isn't availability on their selected dates when you do actually have available rooms. There are several reasons this might happen and these checks can help you work out what needs to be corrected.

  • Log into your extranet.
  • Check your listing status on the Home tab.

What is your listing status?

Check your photographs

  • won't show properties online without a selection of quality images.
  • Please look at our article on's Content Requirements if you need more information on what photographs are needed.
  • Upload the required photographs.


Is your property now online and bookable on

  • It is likely that has closed your account for some reason.
  • Please contact support to find out why your account is not open.

Please do these checks in NightsBridge to see if you can sort out the issue.

Check your availability in NightsBridge

  • Do a test booking on your NightsBridge Booking form to see if you are experiencing the same issue with availability.
  • Publish your NightsBridge Setup to update all new data in NightsBridge.

Is the availability issue resolved?

Check your minimum length of stay restriction
  • If you have a minimum length of stay set up, this will impact the availability search.
  • Check whether you have a restriction which is affecting the search.

Is the availability issue resolved

Please get in touch with us and we can see how we can help.

Congratulations, you are done!
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