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How to find your reservation details on the Extranet

This tutorial will show you how to search for reservation details directly on

Select your reservation tab in your Extranet

Click to search by the following filters-

*Date of reservation*




Select "More Filters" to refine your search.

Reservation Overview

View and request Modifications, View guest Details and add notes.

You will also have the function to Mark a guest as a "No show" as well as "Mark Credit card details as invalid"

NOTE: You will not be able to view Credit Card details more than once if you have an online Credit Card gateway that takes payments on your behalf.

Booking details

Give your Listing a "Personal touch" by sending a personalised Thank you note, This is also useful in finalising details and receiving Personal requests from your Guests. does not give you the guests private email address, instead the email address they give you will direct any correspondents to the above window.

If you are unable to reach your guest on the messaging service, you may use the Guests personal phone number provided.

Booking Policies

Not updated or Influenced by Nightsbridge

Here you can view any policies, prepayment instruction, restrictions and cancellation notes relating to the room/unit.


You must always notify if a guest does not arrive. If you are unsure of any details regarding a Booking that was made on's website, reach out to the guest of's customer care Click here will hold you liable for any reservation you are unable to accommodate, this is why it is important that you update your availability on Nightsbridge and test to ensure you are happy with with the rates and availability being pushed through.

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