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How do I access my Opportunities through NightsBridge?

As a property connected to, you will now be able to access opportunities through NightsBridge. This will make it easier to view all the opportunities that are available to potentially increase your bookings.

Log into the NightsBridge Owner's login (webview)

Click here for a tutorial explaining how to log into the NightsBridge Owner's Login (WebView).

Click on Extranet Features under the booking menu

nightsbridge - realtime availability - Mozilla Firefox

Click on

nightsbridge - realtime availability - Mozilla Firefox

Click on Opportunities

nightsbridge - realtime availability - Mozilla Firefox

Opportunities will display

By actioning these opportunities you increase your chances of receiving 5% - 25% more reservations, depending on the opportunity.

These are a few examples: Genius Programme, Automatic Guest Replies and increasing your property page score, etc.

Click on the opportunity you would like to action. Another tab will open and redirect to, you will need to log in.

Logging in to Account - Mozilla Firefox

Enter username and password.

If you do not know your password, you will need to contact directly for this information.

Opportunity page opens on

Here you will be able to add the information that is missing on your property to increase bookings.

In this example we will be wanting to update room amenities.

Click on Save once all has been updated.

Go back to your owners login and refresh page

You can refresh your browser page by clicking on CTRL+F5.

The opportunity that you have just update has been remove from the list, showing all other available opportunities.

NightsBridge will dynamically update this list as Opportunities become available on and so you should frequent this page to see what is recommended to you.

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