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How to add or update your child policy and rates on

Any policy, restriction or rates that you need added to will have to be set up directly on the extranet.

NightsBridge does not update your child policy to

  • Log into
  • Select the Property tab and Policies from the drop-down.
  • Scroll down till you got to Children & Extra Beds.
  • Click Edit under Child policies and rates.        
  • Now you'll be directed to a new page that is broken up into 4 sections - Children, Occupancy, Child Rates & Preview.


  1. Set whether you allow children or not. If you select No then none of the other section's settings will be adjustable.
  2. Select the minimum age of children you accept at your establishment.


  1. Set the maximum number of adults per room.
  2. Set the maximum number of children allowed per room.
  3. This is the occupancy per room should the max number of children book. Remember, a booking has to be made with at least 1 adult, therefore it will always read as your max children + 1.

Child rates

  1. Set your age criteria for the rates.
  2. Add your pricing for the age criteria.
  3. Add another rate policy, if you have any additional to set.

Preview of your policies

This is an overview of the policies you've just set up and they can be edited again at any time.

These rates will not be visible in your calendar like your adult rates.  So you will always need to check them here.

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