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Online payments with Pay Now vs Pay at the property (Pay later)

When you are opted in for Online Payments by guests will see the option to either "Pay now" or "Pay at the property" (pay later).

Pay now, Pay Later or Pay at the property are's way of giving a guest various payment options. The wording CANNOT be changed.

Pay Now

  • This option lets the guest pay directly.
  • takes the money from the guest in the method the guest prefers.

Pay Later / Pay at the property

Guests will either see "Pay Later" or "Pay at the property", depending on what prepayment policy you have set up on 

Pay Later = Prepayment policy set to charge a deposit

This option allows the guest to pay you (the property) according to your prepayment terms added on

Pay at the property = Prepayment set to no deposit required

If you are connected to a payment gateway, the guest's card will be immediately attempted.

As does not know that you are connected to a payment gateway, they will not warn the guest that their card will be charged immediately.

  • The guest will be asked to enter their credit card details.
  • The wording on tells the guest they will not be charged

"Your card won't be charged - we only need your card details to guarantee your booking."

This message will be shown when you do not have a prepayment policy set up.

Update prepayment policy on 

You can update your prepayment policy on, if you will be taking a deposit and want the guest to be aware of this, at the time of booking. 

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