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Contact Details:

  • Use your Inbox tab in your extranet login to message support. tutorial page:

  • Use the Help option at the top right of your extranet login if you would like more information.

How to see if your property is live

  • Visit the site and type in your property's name to search.
  • Use dates that you know are available when searching.
  • If your property isn't available please contact support for further details.

What do YOU need to do now?

  • Confirm your location via post or video call, if you haven't already.
  • Add or move photos around regularly to keep your content fresh.
  • Set your policies up on
  • Manage your same day bookings restrictions. Visit the tutorial page to see how to add these.
  • Monitor your property page score. A higher score means a higher ranking.
  • If you get a no show or an  invalid card  is used, you can mark it in your NightsBridge Owner's Login. To avoid  paying commission you will need to waive the cancellation fee.
  • Check the Opportunity Centre listed on your NightsBridge Owner's login to sign up for any opportunities you could benefit from.
  • Stay up to date with all of's news and updates by signing up for their newsletter, visiting the partner hub or contacting your account manager using the inbox tab.

How availability works

  • All bookings from are confirmed, real-time bookings. There is no booking enquiry option.

How rates work

  • NightsBridge updates the adult rates only in Single, per person and unit rates will be updated.
  • Rate discounts set up as an early bird, last minute and basic deals In  NightsBridge will update as promotions in provided your rate  discount is a rate decrease and without a minimum stay.
  • When applying a rate discount please note that restricts their minimum stays on promotions to a maximum of 7 nights, therefore, any rate discounts with higher minimum nights will be automatically adjusted to 7 nights.
  • If there is more than one promotion (excluding other rate plans) that can be applied to the booking, will use the promotion that gives the guest the biggest discount, similar to NightsBridge. 
  • Promotions won't stack with each other, but can other with rate plans, such as genius, mobile rates, non refundable, etc. 

How bookings work

  • New bookings will pull through to your NightsBridge calendar with the booking and guest details.
  • If a guest modifies or cancels a booking on, you will receive an email notification. Please use our tutorial on what to do if you get a booking modification email for more information on how this works.

All changes to bookings from extranets must be made on the extranet first to avoid availability issues.

If changes are made on NightsBridge before you receive the email  notification from you could trigger auto-replenish and additional  availability will be created on

How payments work

  • You pay from 15% commission on bookings (includes VAT).
  • offers various payment methods. 
    • Virtual Cards: full payment is made and the card can be processed manually on the activation date unless you have a payment gateway linked to NightsBridge, where it will automatically be processed on the day of activation.
    • Guest Credit Cards: Card details will be made available to you securely within your NightsBridge Owner's Login. If you are using a payment gateway through NightsBridge the deposit will be processed based on the policy set up on our system. Any outstanding balance will need to be retrieved directly from the guest.
    • Payments by will take payment and transfer the amount to you by the 15th of the following month after departure.
  • will invoice you directly for the commission owed on bookings, which you can view on
  • You can request pre-payments from guests once you have reached a certain number of stayed reservations, reviews and consistently paid invoices with uses this policy to minimise the likelihood of fraud for guests.

Please look at our tutorial on which NightsBridge features update in if you would like to know more detail.

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