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Which NightsBridge features update in

NightsBridge can automatically update many features in, after your connection between NightsBridge and is activated. 

We also update other features manually, once you tell us about the changes you've made.

In addition, there are some features which you need to manage directly on your extranet back office login.

We have listed the specific features based on their update method so that your information is kept accurate.

NightsBridge automatically updates these features in

These features update automatically in once your NightsBridge Setup has been published.  

  • These features include:
    • Unit Rates
    • Rates for 1st and 2nd person
    • Occupancy Based Pricing (OBP). This is preferred as it will update all your rates for all occupancies in your room type.
    • Rate Discounts: Basic
    • Rate Discounts: Rate Grid
    • Rate Discounts: Last Minute
    • Rate Discounts: Early Bird
    • Closeouts: Full closeout
    • Closeouts: Closed for arrivals
    • Closeouts: Closed for departures
    • Closeouts: Meal plan closeouts
    • Cut-off times (# day release settings)
    • Minimum stays
    • Minimum stay call-off period. This is only effective from the day you Publish the change.
    • Inventory changes on your calendar
    • Occupancy for room type.

Ask NightsBridge to update these features for you.

  • If you change these features in NightsBridge Setup, please let us know so that we can get updated for you.
  • These manual changes can take between 24-48 working hours to complete and are done during working hours.
  • These features include:
    • Meal plans
    • Rate categories
    • Room types
    • Room Type Names
    • Photos
  • If we update your photos it will remove all existing photos on and replace them with the photos you have uploaded on NightsBridge.
  • If you have multiple hotel IDs linked to NightsBridge under 1 BBID then all your photos on NightsBridge will update to each of the hotel IDs. This includes your property photos. 

Ask to update these features for you.

These features do not update from NightsBridge Setup to

  • When you change this information in NightsBridge, please make sure you also update it in so that the information is always the same between the two systems.
  • Errors which arise because information has not been updated can take up to 48 working hours to resolve if we need to send the issue to
  • These features include:
    • Currency. If the currency is not the same, create an STO rate sheet for in the currency that uses for your property.
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Deposit/Cancellation policy
    • Child policy and rates
    • Payment settings (credit card only /credit card and EFT / EFT only)
    • Additional amenities and facilities. provides useful tips and tutorials for properties on their website. These articles can help you manage the updates with them.

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