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How Do I update occupancy on

Making changes to your room type setup is an important and necessary factor in managing your establishment. With that in mind, It is also important that you are displaying the same Room/property information on all Partner sites.

Nightsbridge is only able to update rates and availability to Room type/property information changes need to be manually updated by yourselves. Failure to do so will result in errors between the two systems and will result in No availability being able to be updated and possible loss in Bookings.

Below is an explanation on How to change your occupancy (Maximum number of Adults able to be accommodated in your RoomType/Unit) in order to match your setup on Nightsbridge.

Property details

Select the property tab

Each room type/unit will be listed here, select the edit button to make changes or update your Room type information.

Bed and occupancy option

All your basic room type information will be available to you to update, please ensure EVERYTHING reflects your Nightsbridge setup to prevent incorrect availability, errors and guest confusion.

Bed Options "How many guests can stay" is the maximum number of Adults that can be accommodated in that Room type/Unit)

Click to make the changes and select to "Save", If gives you a red "Notification of further updates needed for that room type, please complete the information in order for you to be able to save the information.

Once done, Return to the room type display and check that changes have been updated successfully.

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