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Your back office

Important: Login details can only be retrieved and reset by This is for security reasons and the protection of personal information. Home page

This is where you can view the status of your page as well as your reservations overview. The display and updates on this page are not influenced by Nightsbridge.

Rates and availability

This is where you can view your calendar to check availability which will be updated by Nightsbridge. You will also be able to view and add the meal plans (Rate plans).

Promotions/ Special rates

This is where you can view/ add promotions on


By clicking on reservation, you will be able to view the reservation in full details as well as view the payment options selected by the guest.


If you would like to increase your ranking on website and increase your chances if receiving more bookings.

Note: You will need to request assistance from your account manager.

Inbox Tab

The inbox tab is the best way to reach out to your account manager and get the issue resolved. It is very important to keep up with messages and updates sent via the inbox tab. You can also view and respond to guest messages via this tab.

Guest reviews

This is where you can see what guest had to say about their experience at your establishment.

Finance tab

Keep track of your invoices and commissions as well as update Banking details so that can pay you.


Note: Finance relates queries are directed to only, NightsBridge is not authorized to intervene in finance matters between yourself and

Statistics and Analytics

Keep up with the marketing trends in your location, and view competitors scores and rankings.

App Store

Download useful marketing and booking management tools


Account settings and security information/ verifications. You can also select and remove NightsBridge as a channel manager here.

Your listing and help

Click on your property to view your listing on the Website

Note: Nightsbridge does not influence how translates the information on the website, when searching your availability, please search available dates taking into account that you need to search within your Minimum stay restriction. If you have an active promotion, will display the discounted rates.

Reach out to your account manager via your inbox tab for any queries related to the above mentioned tabs.

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