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How to set NightsBridge as your channel manager on

You begin the process of linking your profile to NightsBridge, on your Extranet.

Select to connect to NightsBridge

  • Log into using the following link:
  • Click on the Account tab in the top right corner
  • Select Connectivity provider from the drop down menu

On the Connectivity provider page

  • Click in the search bar and type in 'NightsBridge' (it will then appear as a selection)
  • Click on NightsBridge

Confirm what you want updated

  • Here you are able to select the information shared between and NightsBridge.
  • We recommend leaving the standard selections as they are.
  • Click Connect.

Confirmation summary

  • Here you will see a summary of your connection request.
  • You can click on 'Go to the Extranet'.

What do you need to do now?

Our extranet team will now review your request.

Should they need confirmation on the mapping they will reach out to you, otherwise, you can expect an email from us letting you know that the mapping to your has been completed.

Note: Until you receive confirmation from us that the connection has been activated, you will need to manually capture any bookings received from

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