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Activate Online Payments for

Choosing Online Payments means that will deduct the guest's payment. They offer a variety of payment options attractive to international guests, as well offering you extra security.

How's online payment options work

When guests choose to pay online, processes their payment and sends you the money by using a Virtual Card or by bank transfer (EFT) depending on your property's preference and/or location.

How to activate online payments on

  • On the Policies page, scroll down to Other Policies
  • Locate the Guest Payment Options panel
  • Click on Edit

This will open the Guest Payment Options window.

  • Select the Yes option under Allow guests to pay via Online Payments
  • Click Save

You can also access this feature via the Finance menu:

  • Login to
  • Click on the Finance drop down menu
  • From options click on Online Payments
  • Click Sign up today
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