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How to update your terms and conditions on 'Fine print'

On you can add and edit your property and room descriptions as well as add to the  information guests must to be aware of when they are booking with you, or what refer to as 'The fine print'.

Add your extra Terms and Conditions such as bank fees on reversal or check-in process to

Log into your account

Open your Property Descriptions panel

  1. On the main menu click on Property
  2. Select View your descriptions

Edit your 'Fine print'

Scroll down to below your Property description and Room descriptions sections you will see a section called The fine print. This is where you can choose which important information you want guests to be aware of before they book with you.

  1. Select any items you wish to include from the tick-box list under Additional conditions
  2. Enter your any of your own specific information under Can't find what you are looking for above?
  3. Click Request a fix

Your request for changes should be processed within six days.

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