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How does Smart Flex Reservations work on

Smart Flex Reservations is an opportunity available on that adds a level of guaranteed payment to your property if a guests cancel their booking within a certain time frame.

Please look at Smart Flex Reservations on's partner help centre for more information on how these bookings work.

What is Smart Flex?

  • offers Smart Flex to guests with a low likelihood to cancel. If a guest cancels, then looks for a replacement booking. If can’t find a replacement booking, they’ll compensate you for these nights.
  • automatically opts you into Smart Flex.
  • The Smart Flex option can be found under your Opportunity tab within your extranet login.

How can you tell that a booking is a Smart Flex booking?

  • You can identify Smart Flex reservations by checking the cancellation policy field or the comments and remarks area in the booking on

How do Smart Flex bookings work?

  • A guest that books on a Smart Flex policy has a free cancellation period based a certain number of days before arrival.
  • The number of days prior arrival for free cancellation is based on your policies set up on

What happens if a guest cancels before the free cancellation expires on a Smart Flex booking?

  • If the guest cancels before this free period expires, Smart Flex activates. start looking for a replacement booking. This guarantee will only remain as long as the room remains open and bookable.
  • If can't find a replacement, they will compensate you for the number of cancelled nights.

What happens if a guest cancels after the free cancellation expires on a Smart Flex booking?

  • If a Smart Flex booking is cancelled after the free cancellation period expires, a modification of card details is triggered and an email notification sent to you.
  • This modification could either be the activation of the virtual card or the guest's card details becoming available to you.
  • The instructions on the modification email will clarify whether it is a virtual card or guest card.
  • Follow the same process for cancellation as you would for any other booking.
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