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TravelGround/LekkeSlaap: Deposit and Cancellation Policy

The Deposit policy that you have set up in NightsBridge will apply to your bookings from TravelGround/LekkeSlaap.  

Your Cancellation Policy needs to be set up on TravelGround/LekkeSlaap directly. 

Deposit policy

  • The Deposit policy settings from your NightsBridge Setup will automatically pull through to TravelGround/LekkeSlaap when your link is activated and applied to bookings.
  • Our article on how to set up your deposit policy can give you more information if you need it.
  • Changes made to your Deposit Policy rules in your NightsBridge Setup will update instantly.

Cancellation policy

  • TravelGround/LekkeSlaap does not use your NightsBridge cancellation policy.
  • You can choose from one of their cancellation policies or replicate your NightsBridge cancellation policy on TravelGround/LekkeSlaap using the Custom Policy Builder option.
  • Using one of TravelGround/LekkeSlaap's policies improves your property's ranking on the site and increases your exposure for more bookings.
  • When setting up your property's listing page, TravelGround/LekkeSlaap will ask you to choose a cancellation policy. The cancellation options are included as a menu item on your TravelGround client login.
  • Please contact TravelGround/LekkeSlaap if you would like to change or update your cancellation policy.

Guest cancellations

  • The guest can submit their cancellation directly on TravelGround, or they can email the agent directly.
  • TravelGround notifies the property of the cancellation, and follows their cancellation policy.
  • If a guest cancels directly with the property, notify TravelGround of the details and they will respond to the guest.
  • TravelGround does not earn commission on cancellations where there is 100% refund.
  • Commission is calculated on the cancellation fee taken by the property.
  • For example, 50% cancellation fee means Travelground takes their commission based on the amount held back which is 50% and not the  booking total.
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