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NightsBridge links to on the Links Manager. is owned and operated by My Leisure Group, a travel agency that runs self-service websites  that allow the general public to book travel services from various third-party suppliers.

  • offers accommodation bookings on their website.
Who books here?
  • The public (potential guests) book online.
How to sign up
  • Open your Homepage >> Integrations >> Integration Requests Links Manager
  • Tick BookNow to request the link.
  • Once BookNow has created your listing, they will receive your rates and availability for real-time bookings through NightsBridge.
Enquiries and bookings
  • Bookings can be made via instant Booking (NightsBridge) or Enquiry (Direct).
Content: Listing
  • BookNow accepts Campsite room types.
  • NightsBridge provides with your content (descriptions and images) as set up on NightsBridge to create your listing.
  • When your content or photos change, please contact directly to update your listing.
  • The deposit is taken by 
  • deducts the deposit for the booking and pays it over to the property, less their commission. 
  • The property needs to invoice in order to get paid.  
  • All payment related queries should go to directly.

  • The property needs to refund directly. 
  • will refund the guest.
  • South Africa
  • ZAR only
  • From 15% (including VAT). Some properties agree to a higher commission for more exposure.
  • NightsBridge provides your RACK Rates as entered in your NightsBridge Setup to
  • VAT and commission payable to must be included in your rates.
Specials and packages
  • do not use the NightsBridge specials and packages.
  • The property needs to load specials directly on the website.
  • NightsBridge provides with your policies as set up on NightsBridge to create your listing.
    • Deposit policy
    • Cancellation policy
    • Child policy
    • Minimum length stay
  • Contact for any changes.
How to cancel your link
  • Contact NightsBridge if you would like to cancel your link to
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