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Travelbook 20%: What to do now that you are live

Contact details:

By signing up to the Travelbook 20 channel your property will be exposed to a large group of websites and agents who charge  20% commission and use the NightsBridge Travelbook booking engine.

What do YOU need to do from here?

  • Theres nothing extra for you to do in order to maintain this channel apart from keeping your NightsBridge system up to date.

How booking payments work:

  • When you receive bookings via this channel, payment for the deposit comes through the PayBridge Credit card system. We process payment and pay it over to you less the booking commissions and card commissions.
  • Once we have taken payment it usually takes 48 - 72 hours for payment to be made to you.
  • Charges deducted:
    • 20% booking commission.
    • Credit card commission (from 2.85% to 4.5%) and bank transfer fee (R3.25)
  • Breakdown of payment received can be found on Payment Recon
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