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SafariNow: What to do now that you are live

Guest facing website:

Contact details:

What do YOU need to do now?

  • Log in to with the login details provided and add your Bank Details to your profile.
  • If you change your photos in NightsBridge, log in to your SafariNow profile and press the Synch Realtime Photos button on the Photo Gallery.
  • If you change your room descriptions in Nightsbridge, press the Reload from Provider button on the Rooms page.
  • To update any other content, including property description, banking details, booking process details (e.g. cancellations), child policy, location, features or facilities, please do so manually on your  SafariNow profile.
  • SafariNow offers an Enquiry option. Please reply to these mails as quickly as possible. 
  • Contact SafariNow directly to remove the Enquiry option.
  • SafariNow accepts Campsite room types

How booking payments work:

  • You pay 15% commission on bookings (excluding VAT).
  • SafariNow takes a deposit payment from the guest (according to your policy) and pays this over to you minus their commission on the full booking amount.
  • Manual bookings need to be confirmed before SafariNow makes payment (You will receive an email from SafariNow).
  • If your property is located outside South Africa you also need to invoice SafariNow for each booking.
  • SafariNow will pay you via EFT to your banking details within 5 to 8 working days.
  • You should get the balance of the payment from the guest
  • Contact SafariNow Finance Team at [email protected] for any payment queries.
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