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Afristay: What to do now that you are live

Guest facing website:

Contact details:

What do YOU need to do now?

  • Update bank details, photos, content and policy changes directly on Afristay -- NightsBridge only sends this info once, when your listing is created.
  • Afristay offers booking enquiries by default. If you do not want to offer enquiries, you will need to ask Afristay to remove this option from your listing.
  • Booking enquiries are emails from a potential guest with questions they may need answered before they commit to a booking.  Please respond to these as soon as possible.

How payments work:

  • You pay 15% commission on bookings (includes VAT).
  • Afristay takes a deposit payment from the guest - according to your policy - and pays you minus their commission of the full amount.
  • Afristay will make payment to you according to the cancellation policy chosen.
  • Payment related queries should go directly to Afristay.
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