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SafariNow: Booking enquiries

SafariNow offers booking enquiries sent via email as well as instant bookings. This is because some guests need to ask questions before committing to the booking. These enquiries do not appear automatically in your NightsBridge calendar.

Booking enquiry process

  • If your property is set up to receive email booking enquiries through SafariNow, the Enquire option appears on your listing.
  • The guest can choose to Enquire and then Request a quote.
  • You will receive the email enquiry.
  • The guest will then confirm or decline the quote.
  • If the guest declines the quote, no need for further action.
  • If the guest confirms the quote and you have availability, add the booking enquiry to your NightsBridge calendar manually as a confirmed booking, to update your availability.
  • If the guest confirms the quote and you do not have availability, click the Can't Accommodate button on the enquiry in SafariNow. SafariNow may get in touch with you regarding possible alternative accommodation for the guest.

Auto-quoted enquiry process

  • SafariNow may auto-quote for enquiries you receive if a guest has not asked specific questions, using your NightsBridge rates and availability.
  • You will receive a notification by email that SafariNow has quoted on your behalf. 
  • These bookings are not automatically confirmed.
  • You can accept or decline the booking.

How rates work with booking enquiries

  • SafariNow rates for enquiries are the same as the rates you have linked  to them for instant bookings. These rates will update automatically when  you update your rates on NightsBridge.
  • If  you have any queries on your rates for booking enquiries, please check directly with SafariNow.

How to opt out of the booking enquiry or auto-quoting process

  • These enquiry services can be turned off.
  • Please contact SafariNow if you would like to opt out of these features. 
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