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Africana: How it works


Africana offers accommodation bookings on their website.

Who books here?
  • The public (potential guests) book online.
How to sign up
  • Please sign up directly with Africana.
  • Bookings can be made via instant Booking (NightsBridge).
Content: Listing
  • NightsBridge provides Africana with your content (descriptions and images) as set up on NightsBridge to create your listing.
  • When your content or photos change, please contact Africana directly to update your listing.
  • Payment is made by credit card via PayBridge at the time of booking. 
  • If there are any outstanding amounts, the guest will need to settle directly with you.

  • The property needs to refund the guest via PayBridge. 
  • PayBridge will refund the guest.
  • South Africa only.
  • ZAR only.
  • 15% (including VAT)
  • NightsBridge provides your RACK Rates as entered in your NightsBridge Setup to Africana.
  • VAT and commission payable to Africana must be included in your rates.
Specials and packages
  • Should you choose to, you can load and link Specials and Packages to Africana via your NightsBridge Setup.
  • Please note that Specials and Packages rates will also have the agreed commission charged on top of the discount.

The policies you have set up in NightsBridge are automatically applied to bookings made via Africana

  • Deposit policy
  • Cancellation policy
  • Child policy
  • Minimum length stay
How to cancel your link
  • Contact NightsBridge if you would like to cancel your link to Africana.
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