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BookNow: What to do now that you are live

Guest facing website:

Contact details:

What do YOU need to do now?

  • Keep your content, photos and policies updated on BookNow directly.
  • Load any specials and promotions on BookNow as they don't pull this information from NightsBridge.
  • Send BookNow an invoice as soon as you receive an online booking to get payment as quickly as possible.

How booking payments work:

  • You pay 15% commission on bookings (excludes VAT)
  • BookNow takes a deposit payment from the guest (100% if arrival is within 40 days or 50% over 40 days) and pays this over to you minus their commission on the full amount.
  • If over 40 days BookNow collects the balance from the guest 40 days before arrival.
  • When an instant booking is made on the website, BookNow will send you an email with the details and request that you send through an invoice (made out to BookNow) for the payment.
  • Once the funds clear and your invoice (made out to BookNow) is received, BookNow will make payment to you within a day or two.
  • Payment queries to go to BookNow directly.
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