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TravelGround/LekkeSlaap: Rates, Commission and Child Policy

RACK Rates loaded into the NightsBridge Setup include VAT and commission payable to the Channel.

Rates for online bookings

  • Rates for online bookings are RACK rates. 
  • NightsBridge updates the rates for online bookings via the NightsBridge Setup.
  • Travelground only works with the default meal plan set up on NightsBridge.
  • Ensure the default meal plan on NightsBridge matches the meal plan on TravelGround.
  • Property cannot link multiple meal plans to TravelGround.

If you change a room type's default meal plan on NightsBridge, please contact Travelground/Lekkeslaap immediately to have this updated on their site.

Rates for booking enquiries received via email

  • Rates for booking enquiries are RACK rates.
  • Rates for booking enquiries will update via the NightsBridge Setup.
  • If rates are incorrect for booking enquiries, contact TravelGround to do an update.

This tutorial gives you more information  Travelground-booking-enquiries

Additional fees per booking

A property can choose to load extra fees which will apply to their TravelGround bookings. These fees need to be loaded directly on TravelGround, who enables  this option for the property.

  • Admin Fee per booking.
  • Cleaning Fee.
  • Breakage Deposit.

The property needs to be aware that only the Breakage Deposit is non-commissionable. The other fees will have commission charged on them.

Child Policy

  • When the link between your property and TravelGround is set up, your  NightsBridge Child Policy will be applied to your TravelGround  listing..
  • If you make any changes to your Child Policy on your Nightsbridge  Setup after your initial activation, please contact TravelGround  directly to update it.


  • TravelGround charges 15% commission.
  • Properties can choose to pay 18% commission, on their TravelGround login, and receive improved rankings on the site.
  • RACK rates include the commission.
  • If the property is VAT registered, the commission percentage will include VAT.
  • If the property is not VAT registered, TravelGround charges VAT on top of the commission. 
  • For new listings, Travelground charges a once off activation fee of R500.00 excl VAT.
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