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How to do a good Face-to-Face PayBridge Check-in

This tutorial provides an overview of the guest check-in procedure we ask to be used by PayBridge properties.

Following this procedure is useful for two reasons:

  • The property will always have the documentation they need to keep after the guest has departed in case of a payment dispute;
  • The property will verify that the person checking-in is the rightful credit card holder.

Before the guest arrives:

When the guest arrives to check-in:

This provides proof that the guest has accepted the deduction on their card.

This provides proof that the guest was at the establishment.

Have the cardholder present the credit card that was used for the transaction and check the following three things:

1. Number on credit card matches the number on signed PayBridge transaction slip

3. Name on the credit card matches the name of the person on the I.D./Passport/Drivers licence.

Is it the same person the I.D./Passport/Drivers licence?

It is very important that a property keeps these documents for a period of six months after a guest's departure.

You are done. Great job!

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