How do I Change My Rates for a Short Period (e.g. a long weekend)?

This lesson will show you how to OVERRIDE your standard (RACK) rates for a specific period of time.

This should be used for SHORT periods of time (e.g Easter weekend; Valentines day) that fall within a season.

Open the NightsBridge Setup program.

Click here for a tutorial explaining how to open the NightsBridge Setup program.

Click on Override Rates.

Under Advanced Options, click on "Override Rates"

Click on Add Override Rate, Select a Rate Sheet and Room Type.

Click Add Override Rate.

Select a Rate Sheet by clicking on the drop down arrow.
Typically this will be your RACK sheet, meaning you want to override your standard rates.

Select a Room Type by clicking on the down arrow.

Enter override rates.

Once in the Override Rate window, you can change the Rate Sheet and/or Room Type if need be.

Select a Meal Plan by clicking on the drop down arrow.

Select the Start and End dates that you want this Override Rate to run by typing in a date or clicking on drop down arrow to bring up a calendar.

Enter your the Override Rates.

Save your new Override Rate.

Exit and Publish.

Once the Override Rate is saved, it will appear in the Override Rates window.

Click Exit to return to the Main Menu and Publish your new changes.

After you've adjusted any of your rates or seasons, please remember to check your minimum stays and other additional settings.

Note: Always do test bookings to ensure you are happy with the new rates you have entered.