How do I add the nationality of a guest?

If you would like to be able to adjust or add the nationality of your guests, so that you could perhaps have a better understanding of your market and where you can focus on marketing more. 

This tutorial will take you through the process on how to change or add the nationality of your guest.

You will need to do this directly in BridgeIT.

Click on "clients" and then client search

Once you have click on clients you will need to do a client search to open the correct booking.

Search for an exiting client by entering their name or ClientID

You can enter the name's in the empty fields or in the "ClientID" field, once you have clicked you will be able to type in the names.

Click on the guest when you find Him/Her

The guests details will appear, you will then need to click on "extra information"

Click on the drop down next to attribute to select nationality

Once you have selected the attribute, you will then need to add the value. At this point all  you will need to do is add the guest nationality.

Add the value which will be the nationality of the guest.

You will need to select the field next to nationality and manually enter in the nationality of the guest.

Keep the titles standard and grouped, for examples if a guest is from Switzerland, don't say Swiss-German or Switzerland,  just say Swiss to make the reports easier to group. 

Click on save

Once you have clicked on save it will take you back the search client screen which you can then close.