Viewing or editing guest client details

This tutorial will show you how to add or change the guest details. This includes their contact number, email address and you will also be able to add additional information and check booking history.

You might want to do this when the guest is different from the person making the booking (agent or tour operator).

Click on the "Edit Guest" button

Enter client details or add additional information

Here is where you can add or update the client contact details and billing information.

BridgeIT - Mozilla Firefox

Note: You can also capture additional information such as the guest's cell number, nationaility, etc.

BridgeIT - Mozilla Firefox

If you would like to link a different rate sheet you will need to set up an STO and link it by rate sheet in use.

When you make a booking for this particular client again, the applied rate on the booking will be from the linked STO.

View a list of the past & current accounts

By clicking on accounts, you will be able to see all the open and closed accounts that the client has with you.

View and/or add transactions

This section will show you all the transactions that have taken place on this client's accounts. We show all accounting transactions such as invoices, payments, credit notes and journals.

View the guest booking history

If you have returning guest who frequently books with you by clicking on  history you will be able to see the guest booking history such as the  Booking ID, arrival and departure dates and the amount nights that they have stayed.