How do I add a Close-Out for Arrival and Departure?

This setting allows you to close certain days for arrival and departure, but still allow someone to stay over that date.

You could use this feature if you do not want to allow anyone to check-in and/or check-out on a certain day (e.g. Christmas or New Years day), but still want them to stay over those dates.

It can be set for all or specific rate sheets and room types.

PLEASE NOTE: This will only block out availability online, but the dates on your calendar will still appear as available (both online and your booking system). Not all sites and channels support the close-out for arrival and departure feature and will just show that you're closed on applicable dates.

Click on "Add" to add the close-out.

Enter the close-out name and select the type of close-out you would like to add.

1. You will need to add the close-out name Eg: Easter Holiday, Christmas and New year.

2. Click on the drop-down menu and select the type of close-out you are adding.

3. You will have the option to select:

  • Full Close-out (Closes the availability for the period selected). This is the standard "Stop-sell" or Close-out feature that was used before. Click here if you want to learn more about this setting.
  • Closed for Arrival and Departure  (Closed for arrival and departure on the selected date)
  • Closed for Arrival (Can't arrive on those days).
  • Closed for Departure (can't depart of those days).

Select the dates that the close-outs apply to

Nightsbridge - Mozilla Firefox

Select the start and end date of the close out by clicking on the calendar button next to the date.

You are able to specify what dates you would like the close-out to be valid from and valid to.

If the applicable dates span a longer period of time, you are also able to tick the boxes to apply the close outs to certain days of the week. This allows you to create one close out for a period of time where you might be closed on weekdays/weekends, etc.

Select the rate sheet and the room types

Nightsbridge - Mozilla Firefox

Select the Rate Sheet you would like the close-out to apply to by clicking on the drop down arrow and clicking on an option.

You can also select the Room Type you would like to apply the close out to.

Alternatively, leave it on All if you would like it to apply to all.

Check that the close-out was added

Your close out will now appear in the list.

You can edit it by clicking on it.

You can also delete it by clicking on the red Delete button on the bottom left, once you've selected it.

Publish your Setup once you're happy.

Click on save then exit to return to main menu.

Click once on publish to upload your close-out onto the system.

Make sure that you review the close-out online by looking at your own booking form to see if you've been able to achieve the desired result.