How To Update Your Cancellation Policy

In this tutorial, we will explain how to add additional information about your property's cancellation policy on NightsBridge. This information will appear on the NightsBridge booking form on your property's own website and will automatically be updated on certain partner websites which your property may be connected to via NightsBridge, such as TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Open the NightsBridge setup and click on Step 4: Deposit and Booking Policy.

Complete your Cancellation Policy

This section will allow you state that if someone is canceling a  certain number of days before arrival, then the guest will forfeit a  certain amount. Usually, this will be a % of the deposit or booking total.

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Usually, the closer it is to arrival, the more strict the cancellation policy. If you're not sure what your cancellation policy should be, you can click on the "Use Recommended Policy" button to pull through the industry standard policy.

If you would like a more specific cancellation policy, you can customise the fields as you like according to the below guidelines:

  • The first rule states that "less than 7 days before arrival, the guest would forfeit 100% of the booking total".
  • For the last policy i.e. 30 days, the guest will forfeit 25% of the deposit if canceling 30 days or less before arrival. If you always want to enforce a policy, we recommend entering 999 in the amount of days.
  • % of total means, that the guest will forfeit a portion of the booking total.
  • % of deposit means that the guest will forfeit a portion of the  deposit.  The deposit will depend on the rules captured in their deposit  policy.

Remember that because some websites take the deposit payment on your behalf, they will be on control of your cancellation policy. Other websites will give you predefined policies that might not match up to what you have setup on NightsBridge.

Enter your specific Terms and Conditions.

This is where you are going to define your specific booking terms and conditions, including the cancellation policy.

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Enter your specific cancellation policy by clicking and typing in the field. You are able to specifically outline your cancellation conditions, along any other Terms & Conditions in this free text field.

Remember that not all websites/channels are going to get this   information from your Setup and you will have to update the policy with   them directly.