How To Update Your Room Type Information

In this tutorial, we will explain how to add additional information about your property's room types on NightsBridge. This information will appear on the NightsBridge booking form on your property's own website and will automatically be updated on certain partner websites which your property may be connected to via NightsBridge, such as TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Log into the NightsBridge Owner's Login (WebView)

Click here for a tutorial explaining how to log into the NightsBridge Owner's Login (WebView).

Click on Room Type Info under the Web Info menu

Select the specific room type

Please note that you will need to update your Room Type Information for all room types.

The Room Type Information will display

Choose standardised room type name from the drop-down menu

If you can't find an exact match for the name of your specific room type, simply choose the room type name which is the closest possible match.

Select the number of bedrooms which the room type consists of from the drop-down menu

Select the applicable quality level of the room type from the drop-down menu

Enter the size of the room type in square metres

Use the up/down arrows or manually type the correct number into the field.

Indicate whether the room type's bathroom and room / unit / space is Private or Shared

Select the smoking policy of the room type

Enter the number of beds in the room type

Use the up/down arrows or manually type the correct number/s into the field/s for the applicable bed type/s.

Tick the checkboxes to select the amenities available in the room type

Only select amenities which are available to guests in the room / unit / space which has been booked - do not select facilities or amenities which are on the property in general but are not included with the room type booked, e.g. guest lounge, swimming pool, etc.

Alternatively, you can copy and apply the amenities already selected for another room type to the current room type by selecting the name of the other room type from the drop-down menu

When you are finished, click on Save

Remember to repeat the above steps to update room type information for all remaining room types.