How do I rearrange my images on the Image Uploader?

Changing the picture order on the image uploader is very easy. In order to change the picture order, all you will need to do is drag and drop the images to the desired order.

The below tutorial will show you how to change the picture order on image uploader.

Please note that changing image order will only affect your NightsBridge booking form and Airbnb listings.

Open Image uploader

Click on the picture that you would like to move

When moving the image, please make sure that it is the correct one and also make sure that its not a duplicate image which you have already used .

In order to rearrange the image, all you will need to do is click, drag and drop.

Please note that you can only change the order of your pictures within the category (E.g. Property or Room Type images).

Therefore, you cannot move a picture from one room type to another.

The image will then move to where you would like it to be

Image Uploader - Mozilla Firefox

At this point the image would have moved and the position saved.

It may take a couple of minutes for the order of the images to change on your booking form. Refresh your booking form to see the changes.