How to upload room type images on Webview

The purpose of the image management feature is to allow users to manage their room type, property and banner images from one central location. The image uploader links directly to the image uploader on MobiBridge giving you the option to either upload photos from your computer or take photos and upload immediately. 

You would use the Image Uploader if you would like to upload new photos or your rooms straight from your computer.

The image uploader can be accessed via webview (web info tab) and the setup.  

On web view click on web info and then image uploader

In order to get to the image uploader you will need to

1. Click on Web Info

2. Click on Image Uploader

Select Room Type Photos  

Click on "Room Type Photos" and then upload 4 photos for each category (Bed, Bedroom Interior, Bedroom Interior, Bathroom).

When adding an Image please make sure that the dimensions meets the minimum requirement of 1600x1200 pixels.

Click on select photo and add the description

To add the picture you will need to

1. Click on Select Photo

2. Select the description of the picture you have uploaded

3. Click on save.

Once you have added the picture, you cannot delete or remove it.
In order to make changes you will need to replace the picture with a new one.

Check that the picture has uploaded

Once the picture was added and saved, you will be able to continue with the rest. All pictures added on the image uploader will reflect on your Nightsbridge booking form.