How do I set up my Deposit and Cancellation (Booking) policy?

You can create and update Deposit and Cancellation policies via your NightsBridge Setup. They can be set to automatically reflect recommended industry standard policies, or be adjusted manually to suit your needs.

Please note: Not all online booking channels are able to get our deposit policy and cancellation policy due to settings on their side. Please make sure that your policies are correct on the online booking channels too. 

Log into the NightsBridge Setup (Version 6).

If you do not know how to access your NightsBridge Setup (Version 6), please click on the following link to open a tutorial which will show you what to do:

Where do I find the NightsBridge Setup program?

Click on Step 4: Deposit and Booking Policy.

Enter your Terms and Conditions.

This is where you are going to define your booking policy and T&Cs.

  1. Enter the deposit percentage you would like to receive from online guests by clicking and typing a percentage into the field. This only applies when the booking is taken on a website that uses a credit card gateway linked to your NightsBridge that deducts the deposit or on websites where the guest settles directly with you.
    If the website deducts the deposit themselves, they may have their own rules (which you agree to when listing with them).
  2. Specify whether you would like to take a full amount as deposit if guest stays for just one night - click on drop down arrow to select YES/NO. This rule will override the standard deposit %, if a guest is only staying one night and is usually used to prevent no-shows for 1 night bookings.
  3. You will be able to indicate as to whether or not one nights stays are refundable - click on the drop down arrow to select YES/NO. This is currently sent to only channels that support this setting.
  4. You are able to set the Check in or Check out times here. This is sent to only the channels that support this setting.
  5. Specify whether you will allow same-day bookings - click on drop down arrow to select YES/NO.
  6. If you allow same-day bookings, you are able to set a same-day cut off time. This option will only be available if you've elected to allow same-day bookings and will only be supported by certain channels at this time.
  7. Choose the minimum amount of days before arrival you allow before taking the full booking total as deposit. This rule will also override the standard deposit %, if it is a last minute bookings and the guest is booking within the number of nights before arrival.
  8. You can optionally add your deposit and any other conditions you would like to make your guests aware of eg. no smoking, no pets, etc. This is sent to only the channels that support this setting.

Remember that not all websites/channels are going to get this information from your Setup and you will have to update the policy with them directly.

Set your Cancellation Policy

This section will allow you state that if someone is cancelling a certain number of days before arrival, then the guest will forfeit a certain amount. Usually, this will be a % of the deposit or booking total.

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Usually, the closer it is to arrival, the higher the cancellation policy. If you're not sure what your cancellation policy should be, you can click on the "Use Recommended Policy" button to pull through the industry standard policy.

  • % of total means, that the guest will forfeit a portion of the booking total.
  • % of deposit, means that the guest will forfeit a portion of the deposit. The deposit will depend on the rules captured in their deposit policy.

Remember that because some websites take the deposit payment on your behalf, they will be on control of your cancellation policy. Other websites will give you predefined policies that might not match up to what you have setup on NightsBridge.

Select your preferred payment method

If you select EFT please generate the code which will allow you to capture your bank details.

Set Cleaning/Breakage Deposits

If you are linked to AirBnB and would like to setup a cleaning and breakage deposit. You will now be able to get that setup directly on NightsBridge which we will then push through to AirBnB. To do that all you will need to do is click on the + sign to add your cleaning fee and breakage deposit.