Basics: Important Information

Below is an explanation of how the connection will work between NightsBridge and

What NightsBridge sends automatically:

1. Rates (single & per person/ unit )

2. Availability

3. Close Outs

4. Minimum stays (PLEASE NOTE: specials on override your minimum stay)

5. If you have a special rate override that you have set up on Nightsbridge we can push that through to click here to see how to add a special rate override.

What NightsBridge can manage manually (PLEASE NOTE: do not make changes after hours, consisting of weekends / holidays ):

  • Creating and linking multiple meal plans / rate categories
  • If a new room/rate category is added please let us know so we may flag and update accordingly. (You will need to ensure the newly added room has facilities and pictures in order for us to create and map to

What needs to be managed by you on only:

  • accepts local currency: NightsBridge needs to match (If it is not the same, you will need to create an STO for in the currency that uses for your establishment).
  • If you would like, you can setup a Special Rate Override which will allow you to push through different rates to for a short period of time.
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Deposit/Cancellation policy (PLEASE NOTE: only allows a 50% deposit to be taken if you have 100% for a 1 night stay, the client might request a refund of the deposit until their arrival.
  • Room Type Names and Max Occupancy's
  • Payment settings (CC only / CC and EFT / EFT only)
  • Additional Property photos and facilities

***Nightsbridge is only able to send through basic content upon creation so you will need to manually add any additional's that were not initially added thereafter***


  • The manual changes can take up to 24 - 48 working hours.
  • Errors due to changes made but not updated such as rate structure or occupancy may take up to 48 working hours if needing to be sent to to resolve.
  • If you do not SYNCHRONISE, the incorrect availability will be showing on and you could take double bookings, which you will be responsible for.
  • If you receive a cancellation email for a booking that was made on, please cancel the booking and synchronise straight away BEFORE adding a new booking in it's place. The extranet ( will have released the room for sale, so please ensure that no additional booking has arrived before you allocate the room to another guest.