How do I access the links manager & connect to partner websites?

In this lesson:

- Learn how to access the links manager

- Understand the different statusses of links

Access Owner's Login

On the internet, go to the Nightsbridge website.

Click on Owner's Login (top right side).

Enter your login details:

Enter your BBID and password and then click Login.

These were supplied to you by NightsBridge.  
If you do not have these on hand, please contact NightsBridge

Click on/hover over "Links" on the menu, then click on Links Manager on the drop down menu.

Links that are active will appear with a green tick next to them.

Messages stating YOUR REQUEST IS BEING PROCESSED indicated that a link was requested and is in process of being activated.  

If you have not received any information back from the site you requested a link to after about a week, it is advisable to contact them directly and follow-up on the progress of your request.

To request a link:

1 - thoroughly read through all the terms and conditions that apply to that particular link request. (see: "click here to see conditions and payments policy" link)

2 - if you are happy to proceed, check the "I agree to all conditions and payment policy and request my link" tick box,

3 - click the Confirm button.

The available links to request from are grouped, e.g. the below screenshot shows the "Extranets" group.

At the end of each grouping are the Confirm and Cancel buttons.