How do I Add a Special Rate? (Discount per Night, Certain Period)

This lesson will teach you how to create a Special (discounted per night) Rate in the NightsBridge Setup.

Open the NightsBridge Setup

Click here for a tutorial on how to open the NightsBridge setup.

Open Specials/Packages then Add.

Under Advanced Options, click on Special/Packages button.

Now click on the Add button.

Name and Describe Your Special Rate package.

Name your Package.

The name you enter here will be the name that appears on the internet  as your "advertisement" for your package. Make it descriptive and attractive.

Describe your Package.

Enter a description for your package. The description you enter here will be displayed on the internet. It should explain what your special  entails and what's required to book it. Make it simple but enticing.

Enter the Dates For Which Your Special is Valid.

Valid From date.

This is the date your package is available from - click on the drop down arrow to select date on calendar.

Valid Until date.

This is the date your package ends - click on the drop down arrow to select date on calendar.

Create a Package Code and choose whether to display on Own Site Only?

Create a Package Code - type in a code in the field provided.

Create a code that easily identifies your special.

Do not use the same code twice.

This will be helpful when applying your special rate to a client, in your NightsBridge calendar.

Own Site Only? Choose Yes / No from the drop down arrow.

YES means your special will appear on your own website only.

NO means your special will appear on your own website and some of the partner websites (e.g. SA Places,  Sleeping Out, Afristay, SA Venues etc.).

NB: We cannot display your specials on the Extranet websites (e.g. Expedia,, Agoda, etc)

Choose the Special Rate package type and Arrival Days (if applicable)

Tick the Special Rate option.

Arrival days

This section only applies if you would like your special to only kick in for arrivals on certain days. Alternatively you can ignore this section.

Untick the days that your special is not valid for arrival on. Leave the days ticked, that your special is valid for arrival on.

Choose room types.

Tick the checkboxes to the left of each room type you want to have the special applied to.

Choose the Rate Sheet/s, then add rates.

Tick the checkboxes to the left of each rate sheet/s applicable.

Now click the Set Rate to the far right of each room type for all selected Rate Sheets.

Enter your discounted rates for this room type by clicking and typing in the fields.

Click Save.

NB: Enter the discounted per night rates.

* Rates are NOT automatically discounted. You must enter the discounted rate.

* Rates are either per person sharing or unit priced according to the room type (as selected in your  NightsBridge Setup Step 3: Setup Rates).

* Single & Per Person rates cannot be left on 0.

Save, Exit and Publish all changes.

Once you have added rates for each room type under each applicable rate sheet and are happy with all changes, click on Save and/or Exit all the way to the main menu, then Publish.