How do I set up Minimum Stays?

This Tutorial will take you through step by step on how to set up a minimum stay.

This would usually be in the circumstance that you would like to encourage longer bookings and prevent one night stays.  

You will need to start of by accessing your NightsBridge Setup for V6, if you are unsure on how to do that please click HERE

To start you will need to Click on Step 5 "Minimum Stays"

Add Start & End Dates

This will indicate From when the minimum stay will begin and when the minimum stay shall continue until.

Click on the calendar to indicate when the minimum stay will start and when it will end.

Specify your Minimum Stay

Specify what the minimum number of nights is that you would like the guest to stay - type this in the field with a 2.

Setting up minimum stays on specific days

Select on which arrival dates this will be applicable - in this example guests arriving on Thurs, Friday, Saturday & Sunday will have to stay a minimum of 5 nights.

Where as Mon, Tue, and Wed a minimum of 2 nights will apply.

Ticked = arrival dates the minimum stay applies to

UN-ticked = arrival dates the minimum stay does not apply to

Fill in the minimum nights of stay on the other days (UN-ticked)

Select room the Minimum Stay applies to

Select the individual room this minimum stay must apply to by clicking the down arrow and clicking on a selected room.

Alternatively you will be able to select All Rooms.

Ignore Rule

If you will however, be willing to accept a booking shorter than your minimum stay only a few days before arrival, specify this here.

You can leave this blank if you don't want it to apply

Click on Save

Click on "Exit"

Click on "Publish"

Click on publish for all changes made to go live.