Version 6 - How Do I Change VAT % on the Invoice Templates?

In this lesson we will show you how to adjust your VAT percentage.

1 Open your calendar. Click on Templates menu.

2 Select "Invoice" from the dropdown list.

3 Your Default Invoice Template will now open in Excel

4 Click on the cell with the VAT amount, to view the formula at the top.

  1. Click on the block next to VAT, under the Total, at the bottom of the invoice.
  2. You will see a formula appear at the top.

5 Change the formula to (15/115)

In the formula bar:

  • place your cursor after the first "4", hit backspace to delete it, then type "5".
  • repeat this step with the second "4".

(Steps depicted below)

6 The result:

7 Click Save

It is important that you "SAVE" and not "Save As", as to not create a new template but change the current one.

8. Close the file.

Your template is now saved. When you open your next invoice in PC Bridge, the VAT should calculate correctly.