How do I add a Facebook Call-To-Action button?

In this lesson:

  - Learn how to add a Facebook Call-To-Action button to your establishment's Facebook Page.
  - This will enable visitors to your page to link directly to your booking form.

Please Note:  This can only work for Facebook Pages, not Groups or Personal Profiles

Go to your Owner's Login.

You can follow this tutorial should you need a reminder on accessing your Owner's Login.

Open your booking form.

On the menu, under "Bookings", click on "Online Booking" to open your property's booking form.
This will open up on a new tab.

Open the Facebook page to be linked.

On a new tab, log in to Facebook, navigate to and open the Facebook page (not personal profile) you would like to add the Call-To-Action button to.

Find and edit your Call-To-Action button.

Below your cover photo to the right, is your Call-to-Action button.

Hover over it, then click on "Edit Button"

Choose the type of button - Book Now.

Step 1: Choose the type of button the Call-to-Action should be, in this case:

1 - choose "Make a booking with you",

2 - then click "Book Now",

3 - finally, click "Next".

Step 2: Choose the "Link to website" option to specify where the link for the button should go to.

1 - Go to the NightsBridge booking form you opened earlier.

2 - add the following to the end of the URL (link)


Adding the "?nbid=337" text allows you to be able to track which bookings were made on Facebook in your booking reports.

Nightsbridge Booking Form - Mozilla Firefox

3 - Copy and paste the updated booking form link in the pop up window on Facebook.

Save the changes.

Check that you are happy with the type of button chosen, as well as the link to it, then click "Finish".

You are now linked!

You have now successfully linked your NightsBridge booking form to your property's Facebook page.

To see if the button works properly:

1 - hover over the newly created button, then click "Test Button."

2 - go to your page on a new window (after having logged out, or try a Private Browser), then simply click on the button. This should open your booking form on a new tab.