You now have the chance to have your own direct booking button (no commission) on search results for availability at your property on TripAdvisor.  This function is called TripConnect.

NightsBridge is a premium partner for this new pay-per-click service, which means that we can supply TripAdvisor with your rates & availability if you join up on their site.

**TripConnect is a TripAdvisor product, so you will receive all support, tutorials & guidance directly from them.**

Your TripAdvisor Property Page WITHOUT TripConnect

Only rates from online travel agents that you are connected to are displayed when someone searched for specific dates.

This means all potential bookings made from here will come to you via these online travel agents.

Your TripAdvisor property page with TripConnect

By joining TripConnect through TripAdvisor, you can now have an 'Official Site' link displayed along with those of the online travel agents.

If someone clicks on this, they will go to your direct NightsBridge booking page.

What does Pay-Per-Click (PPC) mean?

You will have to pay a set amount every time someone clicks on your 'Official Site' link as shown above.

You will have to pay this whether a booking takes place or not.

This works in a similar way to Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

What will the rate be per click?

A lot of factors will influence this.  It will depend on area, number of competitors, average cost per click for the whole of the country, etc.  

TripConnect will advise you on a minimum amount per click for the link to appear, as well as what you will have to pay per click if you want to appear in the first position on the search results.

You can set limits on your spending

You will be able to either set a daily limit, or create a campaign of a set number of days after which the link will not show up anymore.

In this way you can track your spending and be sure not to go over your budget.

Keep track of your clicks & budget

Keep Track of Your Clicks & Budget

You will be able to see your budget, the amount remaining & change your daily spend limit in your TripConnect Management Centre.

You will also see the number of clicks made on your 'Official Site' link across a certain time span.

Show prices

"Show Prices" works in conjunction with the dates you select.

If you check your official site pricing on TripAdvisor (or any other pricing, like OTAs, for that matter), it will only show up for dates where you have availability.

If you check the site for dates where you are fully booked, the message on TripAdvisor is:"Prices from these travel sites are not available for your dates".

What do I need to join TripConnect?

To get started you must:

   1. Get a TripAdvisor Business Listing if you don't have one already - Click here >>> TripAdvisor Business Listings

   2. Sign up for TripConnect - Click here >>> Get started with TripConnect

   3. Set up bids to compete for a spot in search results  - done in the TripConnect setup.

Additional reading

TripAdvisor has a lot of documentation for you to read through about TripConnect and how it will work.  Click on the links below to go to the various articles.

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