TripAdvisor Review Request E-mails

NightsBridge, along with TripAdvisor, now provides you with a service where an e-mail is automatically sent out to any guest that departed from your guest house 7 days ago.

This e-mail will thank them for their visit, and request that they review the property and their experience by clicking on a link. The link goes straight through to a TripAdvisor review page for your property.

Because NightsBridge already has all of the guest information in the booking system, the guest will not need to first register on TripAdvisor. This makes reviewing quick and easy.

Who is this applicable to?

All NightsBridge clients

1. Who are REGISTERED on TripAdvisor (or are willing to register their property on

2. But NOT as 'Vacation Rentals' (property should have on-site staff and be able to host more than one party of guests at a time)

Why should I Opt-In to this service?

If you are dedicated to putting time and effort into requesting reviews and monitoring the feedback, it could possibly result in a lot more business for your establishment.

Unfortunately it takes up quite a bit of time to keep track of which guest left when, and establishments sometimes forget to ask the guest to review their property after they departed.

Which is why NightsBridge's automated review request system was born.  We do the follow-up work for you!

What does It cost?

The service is provided free of charge to NightsBridge clients, and is not automatically activated.

STEP 1: How do I Opt-In to this service?

STEP 1: How do I Opt-In to This Service?

Should you choose to opt-in to this service, you should request the link through your Links Manager in the Owner's Login.

(If you need a reminder on where to do this, please click on the following tutorial link: How do I Access the Links Manager?  

Scroll down to TripAdvisor Review Emails and tick the Request to link box.

STEP 2: Activation on NightsBridge's side

NightsBridge will activate your link with your TripAdvisor ID and e-mail you to confirm that this has been done.

Once this is done it will appear as YOUR LINK IS ACTIVE WITH THIS SITE in your Links Manager.

STEP 3: Automated review requests are sent out

STEP 3: Automated Review Requests Are Sent Out

Once your link is activated on the NightsBridge side, we will send an e-mail requesting a review to any of your guests that departed 7 days ago.

This will include all bookings in the NightsBridge system - both the ones that came through channels you are linked on through NightsBridge as well as any manually entered bookings.

Every guest will only receive the review request once per property - even if they stay with you again in future.

STEP 4: Guests Click on Link To Review Your Property

A page will open up in the web browser of the guest once they click on the link in the e-mail.

This page already has your name and address details completed, and will not require the guest to register before submitting his review.

The client will complete this review and hit SUBMIT.

How will I know if my guest reviewed my property?

You will have to be registered as the OWNER of your property  on  to receive notifications of all reviews made.

Some helpful tips in responding to reviews can be found here: Responding to TripAdvisor Reviews

The TripAdvisor How-To Guides:

Important to Remember...

Ensure that you have your guest’s e-mail address filled into the field provided for it so the review request reaches them personally and not the tour operator / travel agent or anyone else who made the booking on their behalf.

Which E-Mail Address is used for the mail?

Which E-Mail Address is Used for the Mail?

Which E-Mail address is used in Semper?

Which E-Mail Address is Used in Semper?