Custom Fields

Custom fields are important as it allows us to gather data from leads we've received. It's important for us to make sure all these fields are filled in as we go along.

Types of fields and what they mean?

  • Sales Agent: Is the Sales Consultant that has been allocated to contact the lead.
  • First Contact: The date and time you first reached out to the client.
  • Training Scheduled: The date allocated to provide the client with training.
  • Contact Email: The clients email address.
  • Room: The number of rooms that are being added.
  • Property Type: The type of accommodation offered to guests.
  • Location: The suburb of the property.
  • GO/NO GO: This is used to mark whether a clients is going ahead or not.
  • NO GO Reason: If the client isn't going ahead you'll need to capture the reason.
  • Website: The clients website address.
  • Card Payment Option: Allows us to capture the method clients use to process credit cards.
  • PMS: Which PMS is the client using.