Exercise - First Call

Contact within 24 hours – the first Call

We expect you to give your new lead a phone call within 24 hours of receiving the follow-up.
(Monday if received on Friday).
This phone call should be made after looking through their survey, and maybe quickly scanning their
website and/or their listings on sites they are linked on. This will give you a good background and a
few points to touch on in the conversation.
The purpose of this call is to introduce yourself as their consultant, thank them for their interest and
tell them how we set up and do demos online. We usually chat with the client about the problems
they are facing and what their expectations are from NightsBridge.
* We use the property’s website or listings on other sites to get some content to set up a quick
demonstration for the client. This has more impact as it is personalised and then also serves as a good
foundation to build on should the client decide to go ahead with the process.*
An appointment is to be set up for the installation to take place during this call.
Should you not be able to reach your lead with a phone call, immediately send an e-mail to say you
tried to contact them, and you will be in touch again.

Listen in on first Calls

  • Sit in on five first calls.
  • Make notes of questions you pick up, different approaches of different consultants and helpful tips.

Please complete the below survey after your First call