Week 1 – Our Little Traditions

We have a tradition of giving any new colleague that starts on our side a few tasks to do during their

first week with us. These include:

Keeping us warm

Please make (or at least offer to make) your colleagues one cup of coffee/tea.

In the mornings

Please make sure the blinds are opened.

In the afternoons before home-time

Please close all blinds, turn Ernie off, and make sure all lights and air-cons are off before we leave.

Things in Common

During your first week, have a chat with each of your colleagues to find one thing you have in common with them. This should be done before end of day on Friday, and handed in to Adriaan.

15 Things about You

Please compile a list of 15 things about yourself that none of us know. Hand this in to Adriaan before the end of your first week.