Billing Notes

Why do we add Billing Notes?

We use billing notes to provide information to our Accounts Team.

What does this help?

  • When invoicing for the first time we can check that it matches.
  • Does the account need to invoiced in ZAR or USD.
  • Does the invoicing need to be linked to one account?
  • Clients disputing their original quoted amounts.
  • If there's an outstanding balance who is liable to settle the account.


Below is a list of templates that needs to be used in different scenarios.


Quoted amounts needs to be added for all accounts going through sales regardless of whether it's a new/old or change of ownership account.

Invoice in USD
Single Unit Properties - Exclusions

Reason added as to why they're not being billed for 6 months.

Change of Ownership - Payment Arrangement

Add a note to say who needs to settle the balance if an arrangement was made.

Invoicing for Multi-DB or multiple accounts

If the client wants all BBIDs to be on one invoice you need to add which BBID it needs to be linked to.