Property Verification Process

From time to time we encounter clients trying to join NightsBridge fraudulently. It's important to understand the impact this has as it could end up costing properties and NightsBridge.

Sales Trello

Should we see a lead that requires some checks it will have a label named "Amber", you'll need to do some checks and ask for documentation.


The sales consultant should ask for the following:

  • Copy of ID.
  • Rates Bill with the properties address.
  • In the case of a company or trust owning then a resolution authorising applicant to act on their behalf.

Upon receiving the documentation you'll need to hand it over to your manager & or Team Leader for approval.

Further Checks Required

In the event where documentation may not add up has been tampered with we'll request a further investigation.

What to look out for?

Below is a list of things to look out for:

  • Client is highly interested in PayBridge.
  • They have a website, however, it displays in a foreign currency.
  • They're not on any OTAs.
  • They have limited or no reviews on OTAs.
  • Check Google Maps for signage and matching of images.