Sales Consultant Expectations

When joining the sales team there are expectations to be met. The below will highlight what's expected of each sales consultant.


All leads assigned to you must be contacted within 24 hours of receiving them.

Stay in touch

  • No property should go without contact for more than 5 working days (1 week).
  • Should you commit to a date and a time to do something for a  client, this HAS TO HAPPEN on that date and time, unless you contact  them timeously to reschedule due to valid reasons.

Tell us about all leads

You are to inform the Sales Manager of any leads you get by any other means - phone  calls / e-mails from support etc - or about name changes of the  properties in your name (otherwise we can't find them in Touch again).

Update Touch

  • All communication (including details regarding who you spoke to and dates/times) MUST be added into Touch as you go along.

If it's not in Touch, it didn't happen.

Monthly Targets - Subject to change with new teams

  • The target for all sales consultants is a minimum of 16 completes per month.
  • We'd like a minimum of 48 completes in a 3 month cycle.

During training:

  • Month 1: 5 completes
  • Month 2: 10 completes
  • Month 3: 15 completes