Single Unit Properties

A single unit is defined as a property that only allows bookings from one group at a time.

Types of properties affected:

  •  Villas.
  •  Apartments.
  •  Holiday Homes.
  •  One bedroom sold within a property.


  • 6 months upfront with a 5% discount that's non-refundable.

Why do we charge 6 months upfront?

NightsBridge helps thousands of owners with their real time availability and channel management.

There are two types of "Single Unit" owners.

First type are the owners that let out their room as a hobby or for some spare cash. These owners do not need NightsBridge, we recommend listing with channels such as AirBnb or

The second type runs their Unit as a business, wants to target the right people and ultimately see a higher return on their investment.

These are the clients that will benefit the most from partnering with NightsBridge.

Our most successful clients have found that it takes six months of channel management for it to become self sustaining - this is because most bookers book between 3-6 months in advance.

Our sales team will guide you with the Set Up and Onboarding process and then you will have access to our Support Team and our Client Success team

After the sixth month the monthly subscription applies.


Existing clients can continue on the old process if the following applies:

  • It has a good payment history.
  • Is a property management company (PMC).
  • Previously quoted for one month.
  • All to be approved by a Team Leader or Manager.