Change of Ownerships

Change of Ownerships occur often and it's important to understand the the needs of both the existing owner as well as the new owner. To do this we request both the existing and new owner to fill in a survey.

Getting started

Make sure you've received both surveys before proceeding with the Change of Ownership.

The following surveys need to be completed:

The new owner:  

The current owner:

Where do the surveys go?

Once the surveys are completed it will populate into The Sales Trello board under "Change Of Ownership" column.

Allocating of Change Of Ownerships

The New Owner card is kept on the Sales Trello, The Old Owner card will be archived.

Change Of Ownerships are handed out by the Sales Manager or Team Leaders. The information captured in the surveys will be added to Touch.

Checks to be completed

There are a few checks that need to be completed:

1) Do they owe us money, if yes, who will be settling the outstanding balance?

2) Is there a Payment Gateway linked?, If yes, will they be applying for their own?

When the Change Of Ownership is applied in the checklist the password doesn't automatically reset! Make sure the password reset is done when the checklist is set. You can ask a Manager, Team Leader or a Technician to reset the password in the event of an emergency.