Joining PayBridge

If the client expresses interested in PayBridge, the consultant would first have to ask the qualifying questions:

  • Does the client have a check-in procedure? In other words, is  there someone to meet and greet the client, confirm the client details  and hand over the keys?
  • Does the client have a South African bank account?
  • Does the client trade in SA Rands?
  • Is the property located in South Africa, for currency reasons?

If a client does not meet the requirements above, we refer them to one of the other gateways

Once you can confirm that they are definitely interested, by asking  the qualifying questions. Go to the checklist on our support page, tick  the box for "PayBridge Interest", by changing the word "unknown" to  "Yes", and save. This will send the overview-application to the property  via email with more information on PayBridge.

  • The online PayBridge application will be at the bottom of the PayBridge overview.

Do not send any PayBridge applications manually

Below is the copy of our PayBridge interest email and overview, which the client will receive:

Good day,

Thank you for your interest in our PayBridge Credit Card payment system.

With Paybridge your guests will now be able to book and pay  online. Eliminating the hassle of trying to arrange payment when making a  booking online.You can also run the balance of payments via PayBridge.

You will automatically qualify for increased security features  such as Virtual Cards which is becoming an Online Travel Agent (OTA)  standard. PayBridge will automatically swipe virtual cards with the  correct amount and at the correct time, saving you the effort.

On top of this, PayBridge offers very competitive credit card  transaction fees that count among the lowest offered in the hospitality  industry.

To find out more about PayBridge (Terms and Condition) - open the attachment.

If you are happy to proceed - click this link:"