What is a lead?

A lead is seen as any form of contact we get from a client that potentially wants to join NightsBridge

for the first time or add additional properties to the system.

The leads can come from various sources. We find that most indicate they heard about us through

word of mouth or friends in the industry. Some hear about us through channels they are already

linked to, or perhaps they already have a property on NightsBridge and want to add another.

To standardise the process, and get some background information on the property, we ask Support

to send the lead a standardised mail we set up.

The call to action in this e-mail is to send the client to our Potential Client Survey, where they will fill in a few questions about their property.

E-mail to send to client

Thank you for your interest in NightsBridge -- Africa's leading Realtime booking platform.

We offer simple solutions to connect your realtime availability to the world's top websites and agents through stable technology that works across all devices and platforms.

Please complete our quick survey below so we can get in touch.

Click Here (https://nightsbridge.typeform.com/to/d5tCT0 )

You can also visit our website for more info: www.nightsbridge.co.za